Jade jersey dress

Found a lovely jersey in green jade, and found a fitting pattern in Knipmode june ’13 edition. Although I meticulously measured myself before and followed size, seam allowances etc… it turned out huge and ill fitting. I opened side and middel seams, skipped the ‘built-in belt’, narrowed it by a total of 7cm, made it about 12cm shorter, and the result is now quite fitting.



close-up of the embossed daisy pattern


… and what it looked like before…


the original in the magazine, with the loud print you can hardly see the design, so I’m adding the illustration too.



so all in all happy with the pattern from Knipmode, but next time I’ll baste the main parts together to check the fit earlier!


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  2. I love this dress and your execution of it! Is there an online pattern for it at Knipmode? (Ik kan een beetje Nederlands, maar niet goed genung om heel precis te zoeken).

  3. So sorry Frances for my late reply, I had a look, their pattern is unfortunately not available online, nor the back issues of the magazine. In which case I think it’s legitimate if I lend you my pattern? Do you have an e-mail address I could use? If you post it in your reply, I can see it when ‘approving’, and then not publish your comment, so basically no-one else sees it, is that OK?

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