70’s bedsheet maxi dress

Many thanks to my mother-in-law for giving me her old vintage bedsheets. I used Burda’s maxi pattern http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/smocked-maxi-dress-022013, which I tought would fit the 70’s feel. After zig-zag smocking the 30 odd lines, tying tiny knots etc, I could finally sew side seams and try it on. It was too big and ill fitting. A feeling of déjà-vu, see Jade Jersey Dress. Again I had measured myself prior, followed size and seam allowances etc… I must suddenly shrink every now and then I guess. I removed all the smocking, made it narrower by a total of 3cm, and added one single smocked seam much higher on the waist. I used the good old elastic-on-lower-bobbin method from Prudent Baby. Instead of using up precious vintage textile to make the biais, I bought an olive green biais to balance all that faded pink. I might buy some more of the olive biais to add a thin belt over the smocked line.

I’m quite pleased with the result. I finished it and wore it right away as it was hot and humid day today. Perfect!


And this was the ‘before’: ill-fitting, bulky, weird. Hence the grumpy look. I guess my bedsheet was too coarse and stiff.


Detail of the bias, how I think it was meant to be done, not sure I understood the description, and the photo didn’t really show this part so well.


the model in Burda


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