Prada copying backfired

My sweet boyfriend bought me the april issue of Vogue 2013, and I fell in love with a Prada skirt. I decided to copy it and enter the Copycat Challenge. I used old satin curtains and Burda’s 02/2013 117 pattern. I couldn’t find a zipper in a matching salmon colour, so I sewed in press buttons. The embroidery took the longest, but oh the result was sweet. Was. It was finished just in time for my birthday dinner. I made stains with the spare-ribs… After washing and ironing it, it SHRUNK. Punished for plagiarism I can’t wear it any more, well I can. But not sit. Or breathe.



The styling here is inspired by the original Vogue photoshoot, headscarf, socks and sandals but somewhat refined. It works, but on my birthday I wore it with thick grey tights. Also worked really well.


Here’s the skirt in a lovely Maria Reiche inspired photoshoot.


Here’s the skirt in the Prada ad. The hand and stole hide the lovely embroidery.


What inspired me was a combination of elements, beautifully balanced.

The shape: sexy pencil skirt but just over the knee so it’s not slutty. The assymetric panel, fresh but not awkward. Sensual satin, but with homely embroidery to balance the femme fatale part. And finally the colours, the pastel pink/salmon with white and deep red in the flowers. All in all an original skirt without being polarizing, something you could dress up or down, winter or summer.

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