Sci-fi maternity dress

I have all the cutesy momsy flowery maternity stuff. And all the comfy maternity jersey knits. Now I felt like something with an edge, modern and urban. I found it in episode 18 of season 3 of the “Fringe”. Set in a sci-fi alternative universe to ours, agent Olivia Dunham wears a maternity birthing hospital gown. I liked the simple kimono style with the two functional clips. Now my tiny bump just needs to grow and fill the space!

This is my 4th (and last) entry for the Copycat Challenge! It was fun, thanks for the competition.

compo3 side-back

The snapshots which inspired the design.


I’ve used this pattern from


And struggled with all these adaptations:

– from a soft jersey knit pattern to a stiff stretch cotton

– from a cut with several gathers to a sober kimono like cut

– from ‘normal’ size to maternity barrel proportions

– much puzzling and guesswork over the actual design in the screenshots

It’s taken me ages, but am very happy with my Olivia Dunham maternity dress!

PS. I wanted a wide hem (9cm) to fit the sober kimono style. But with the flared shape, I was worried I’d get an ugly wrinkled hem. Luckily I had enough length the cut and reapply the bottom part of the skirt. I think it worked really neatly. Is there a name for this technique?


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