Handbags from repurposed fabric

Mmm… hand-me-down tablecloths, bedsheets and the like make lovely handbags, especially if you like a vintage touch. Herewith a seletion of bags I made, most have details like inner pocket or magnetic closure snaps.

Blue curtains with white hand-painted shrimps. Magnetic snap.



Jade coloured cotton, bamboo handles, pink painted bamboo leaves, custom-made pink polymer clay button.

bamboo bamboo-detail002

Messenger bag from kitchen curtains. Inner pocket, magnetic snap closure.

kitchen-messenger kitchen-messenger-details

Japanese inspired spring bag from wool felt and cotton scraps. Wooden handle. Inner pocket with zipper.



Handbag made from my grey (design graduation show exhibit) cloth. Painted orange leaves. Magnetic closure snap.



Tote made from a wide-flaired trouser leg. Inner pocket. Magnetic snap closure.



Small bag from vintage fabric (70’s?) bought at an outlet in Groningen.


I drew up my own patterns, except for the first and last designs, which pattern I found in this book.




  1. wow – the same way I make purses! Got one on the table now from a little girl’s jeans shorts (size 18 months, I think). I love reusing stuff to make something else!

  2. Oh that will be the cutest hand-bag!

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