Textile design competition – finalist?

I had entered a ‘winter themed’ textile design competition in Knipmode.  My design did not win but I got what I assume to be a consolation prize: a printed fabric sample of my design! Yeahie!


Maybe they printed a few they liked, so as to better judge them, then sent those prototypes to the designers… I’ll never know. I had drawn the sketch on my wacom, and tried to create a pattern which from far would be abstract and geometric, but from close-up you would see all these ladies day-dreaming.


My 3 year old had also entered. We had made a deal, if she would let me draw and finish my design on the Wacom, I would let her have a go as well. Unfortunately she did not get a prototype/consolation prize 😦 But check out her cute Mother Christmas drawing!


The competition was linked to Exprezzit, a Dutch website which allows you to design your own pattern/design on textile.


  1. Love your textile design! Stumbled across your blog because I’m thinking of making the Lekala dress. Would you mind letting me know if you found the instructions clear and accurate?

    • Thank you Elizabeth! I have to confess the instructions were a touch confusing, but the assembly obvious enough to figure it out intuitively, you can’t really go wrong. I you want I can send you the instructions and you can judge for yourself? As you may have seen, I preferred having only one horizontal waist seam in the floral print, rather than two. Good luck!

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