Sunny pants

I bought the lovely “La maison Victor – issue 3” and tried immediately the comfy Sunny pants. First I used a sari I had bought in India (7 meters of blue/gold polyester for 4€). The pants ended up looking a bit Sinbad-ish.

sunny-sari Viewty

Second trial: I decided to re-purpouse our old light-blue bed-sheet, I painted white and orange shrimps, I was quite please with the effect… but these ended up a bit pyjama-y.

Viewty sunny-shrimp

Also I need to find a better photo-set-up, you can’t even see the white shrimps here!




  1. I love the shape of the pattern, though. They look relaxed but stylish.

  2. thank you, finally I have decent pyjama pants.

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