Winter knit – figure friendly (free knitting chart)

I bought one of the most popular knit patterns on Ravelry : Kate Davies’ – “Paper Dolls“.

The curve hugging/enhancing design, is really lovely, and though I love Kate Davies’ paper dolls, I find them a bit graphically loud and girly for a woman my age. I designed a leaf pattern instead.




The colours are a bit too dark above, below over-exposed shot gives actually a better idea of colours.


I designed my own pattern, *** free knitting chart for readers to use*** 🙂


I used excel and the lopi online software “”
My intention was a modern graphic, looking vaguely like leaves.



The lovely original:




  1. And it’s beautiful! I prefer your leaves to the original. And you make the designing sound almost easy…

  2. Thank you, what a compliment. But I’m a trained designer (product design) so the pattern was actually the easy bit for me… knitting was the hard part 😛

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