Knitted ‘space invader’ baby sweater

If you like knitting then Ravelry is a mini heaven to hide away in… endless inspiration and patterns. My baby boy is often fresh, good reason to treat him to a cool warm Norwegian sweater!


He is so cute… no “mommy this itches” . It doens’t, it’s pure merino wool, Cashmira by Alize.

It’s still a bit large, he can wear it all winter, maybe even next winter.


I used the funky space invader pattern (read : graphic) from “Cheese Attack” by the hip Norwegian knitting duo Arne&Carlos:


For the shape and form I followed the Traktorgenser by Sandnes (free but in Norwegian, if you’re a practised knitter and use google translate, you can probably follow it though)


I realise knitting is a lot slower than any other of my hobbies, hence the tumble weeds between posts. The fact that we have chose for a screen-free Thursday and Sunday also means a lot less time on the computer.


  1. That baby sweater is adorable!

  2. Love the jumpers. Thanks for the link to the Norwegian duo.

  3. Wow I loooooooooove this geeky sweater!!! Wish I could get my hands on one but I’m too selfish to knit for my girls!!!

  4. Thank you! You could knit one for yourself… the original is for adults πŸ™‚

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