Stocking Squish Sweater

The inspiration was Spacecurry’s blanket but then as a sweater! I’ve chosen the pattern Alska by Cirilia Rose as it resembles my vision most (sketch). But I followed the waist decrease/increase from Paper Dolls by Kate Davies, for a waisted body.

My intent was garter stitch, at least in part, but it looked really messy and bulky, so it’s stocking stitch all over now.
I had planned to use two strands of Alpaca by Drops as in the pattern (and bought yarn accordingly) but when test knitting it turned out super thin, regardless of size needles. Since I wanted a thick cardigan, and rather soon, I opted for 3 strands instead, I’ve had to re-arrange my colours and order some more yarn though.

I’m still planning to make it a cardigan, as in: cut this one through the front, if I ever find a zipper in the right colour. Which opens all the way down.


So basically my intended Garter Squish Cardigan is now a Stocking Squish Sweater. It’s soft, it’s warm mmm. Like walking around in a blanket.

The inspiration: Spacecurry’s lovely Garter Squish:

Garter Squish by Steven West (free pattern)


Alska by Cirilia Rose (free pattern)


  1. Zoe

    It’s a nice shape through the waist. Makes all the difference – straight shapes just end up looking blocky. I think it works with and without the zipper.

  2. thank you for your input Zoe

  3. …And very lovely it is, too. I love the shaping – very flattering.

  4. thank you Twisted Yarn, post-partum I need all the help I can get 😉

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