Jeans overall

My sweet Mom bought me 3 sewing magazines for X-mas! Here’s an overall made from an unwashed stretch jeans fabric. I had to insert a 5cm band in the waist after the first [camel-toed] fitting. Well I should have known. I have short legs a long trunk. Not so smart to attempt an overall.

I look sulky, but am really happy with it!



I could sew the pant legs a bit slimmer, for a skinny fit like the model below, but then they would loose that “worker’s overall”  look… which I quite like. Actually I’m thinking of adding an embroidered name tag for the total garage look.

The magazine it was in. Couture Mode, issue 8, can be ordered here. Look for the older issues.


And the long-legged, short trunked model:

1 2

PS I added the label, now I’m the true fixer.

label2 label


  1. wow! you look great! where do you wear this to? i want to make this for a firefly Kaylee costume at some point… 🙂

    • thank you! I’ve added a name label since. Today I wore it to do errands in our village and to the playground. I like your idea of a firefly Kaylee.

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