the ultimate wrap dress!

Soooo pleased with this pattern by Knipmode! The pattern is for a fake (stitched closed) wrap-dress in jersey, but I bought this lovely non stretchy fabric at Pauli’s in Leuven, so I made it wrapping. The dress is actually closed, but large enough to fit over your head, then you just fold it tighter, very pleasant. No risk of complete untying, like open wrap-dresses… especially if you cycle.


The pattern is a bit tricky as the waist line is not horizontal (as in sketch) and comes with a couple of pleats on the left (not in sketch either). It does come with helpful PDF with how-to photos.

1043-km1407_01-image-nl_NL-knipmode-1418396408-kn1407-01.jpg_6 1043-km1407_01-media_image_1---1418396408-1407_va_01.jpg_6

They sell it online for 4,99€. Fabric is Pearl Peach by Penelope. Probably synthetic (?) as you don’t need to iron it 🙂 Photo of dress ‘open’.



  1. That looks like a really versatile dress, great pattern.

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