Easy, cheap yet productive mini greenhouse

Prolific slugs (and ticks) have anihilated my dream of a normal vegetable garden. After trying this and that over the years, my large Samla box from IKEA, has been an absolute sensation. I made a hole at the lowest point, added 4 large diapers (for water retention for dry days), filled a layer of soil, and added my seedlings. They have grown beautiful and strong. At least thrice as large as the ones in normal pots and exposed to the elements. It stays on the terrace, so I can easily tend to it without wearing my hazmat anti-tick uniform. If it’s chilly I add the lid. If the sun gets too hot, I can wheel it into the shade.

And not a single slug.


As a comparison below, the top leaves are the same salad, seedlings planted simultaneously. The ones in the box are three times the size of the ones in the pot!


Below (shadow for scale) was a chilly day, about 12C, and inside the box a humid 35C.



I’m pleased not having to use any products against weeds, slugs or bugs.

Since then I’ve planted the carrots in the garden. All slug-eaten. Next year I would add more soil though. I’m also a bit hesitant to use plastic not specifically meant for food, though PP is generally safe.

Warning: on a hot sunny day, the closed lid could litterally cook the plants, so only use the lid in spring or cold countries. A gauze could be stretched across if airborn pests are a problem.


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