Elegant shorts, using selfpainted fabric

Shorts. Not my favourite, also after 40 a certain age, I feel a bit self-conscious wearing shorts (or mini’s). Enter the elegant shorts: Scarlet from  La Maison Victor May-June 2015. They look so stylish I don’t feel bad showing so much (pale) leg. I painted the fabric myself as I find it very hard to find fabric which is neither childish nor grannyish.


scarlet3 scarlet4


close-up of the painted crayfish and dots


La Maison Victor can be ordered in Dutch/French/German, but if you’re a bit experienced I think you could follow their how-to images and still manage.

ProductImage-mei-juni-FR scarlet2


  1. Astrid Bubble

    Nice work, they look fantastic. I love the painted fabric, it looks so beautiful and professional.

  2. Cute! I would have never thought to paint fabric for a garment.

  3. They are great and look nice on you. How did you do the painting? Stencil? Thank you

    • Thank you. I painted them with a brush. I have done painting for years, here I applied the techniques of Chinese ink painting. I’m thinking of making a post on how to hand paint on textile…

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