Original 1950’s pattern dress! Advance 5672

As often my creations start with a vision, a very specific one. Hours of surfing follow to find the closest pattern. Brief = a shirtdress. With 3/4 flipped-up sleeves, a narrow waist and fullish skirt. A collar which stands up a bit. Finally found an original uncut pattern from the 1950’s, via Fancywork on etsy, Advance 5672.


Thank you Thimberlina for the tip to buy red shoes!


I felt a bit emotional when ironing and tracing the fragile old papern, thinking of the lady (of my size), who more than 60 years ago had made these small pin holes, wonder what her dress (and life) was like.

Overall very happy with it, from the picture I was expecting a fuller skirt though.

advance 5672

A dress by Lesley Evers, also came close to my ‘specific vision’, alas not for sale anymore…



  1. Looks lovely, great fit, and the skirt length is perfect! How amazing that these patterns are still about and are used!
    Nice shoes too!! 👠

  2. For the first time I’ve seen a vintage pattern where the outcome looks better than the pattern illustration!! It’s beautiful!!

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