Wool felt coat – with embroidery

A warm wool felt, a simple but nice pattern: ‘Cheri’ by La Maison Victor. I’ve added some embroidery with my brother sewing/embroidery machine on the sleeves, and a fancy stitch at the bottom of the coat. Though it’s felt, it frays a bit along the seems, so I zig-zagged (do you say that??) it with a T shaped stitch.


By the looks of it I should have added pockets :/


I’m tempted to add more embroidery (over the parallel lines for example) should I???


And the original:

Tricotstof voor Cheri Jas


  1. Very nice! I really like your circular motifs on the sleeves.Patch pockets would be good but I think I’d leave the parallel lines as they are if you add pockets: less is more and all that. Looks very cosy 🙂

  2. Lovely cosy looking coat! Love the embroidery on the sleeves:)

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