space dress – self drafted

Personally I believe we should be wearing sci-fi clothes most of the time, new millenium and all. But I’ve been too shy to make/wear them. Catherine at Cyberdaze has inspired me and given me the courage to attempt it, as she manages to sew spacy yet very elegant outfits. Sci-fi sewing patterns (tasteful ones) are scarce out there. So I’ve drafted my own, took a while. But I’m pleased. It’s a comfortable pattern, it’s versatile, as I think I could skip the sleeves for a summer version. Or add slit pockets.

Forgive my megalomaniac backgrounds, they are 3D renders I made a while ago, and fit much better than my usual terrestrial living quarters.


Unfortunately not visible, there are a total of 4 darts in the back, which give a nice fit, and look cool.

A small space emblem on shoulder is a geeky must, right? The ET bodyguard is optional when wearing the dress.


The sketch I had made. The sleeves could be skipped, but pockets could be added, nicely mirroring the chest seams. Those seams looked nicer slanted as on the sketch, but when aligning my armholes and breasts, the seams unfortunately became horizontal.


And the slightly wonky embroidered shoulder emblem.


Finally the fabric, for winter it’s thick jersey with a plush reverse. Not exactly the thermo-regulated neoprene I was hoping for, but it doens’t fray, hurray.


Have I crossed the line? Is it too costumy or is it actually wearable?


  1. Wow, I really love this! I would personally choose another set of colors for myself, but the pattern is great! Awesome work! We should all wear more interesting clothes, and this is a great example.

  2. I love it! It’s very wearable in my opinion. Especially with those Courreges style boots. The backgrounds are very clever; were they hard to do? Thanks for the shoutout.

    • Thank you so much! The backgrounds were rather quick to do : render + photoshop, but the whole set-up at the time using 3 CAD softwares took a few days. It’s the holodeck of the Consul’s spaceship from Dan Simmon’s book “Endymion”, if you’re familiar.

  3. Alexandra

    You should certainly wear it! I like the horizontal seams more than the ones on the sketch, it’s more original and creative.

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