Renders of Dan Simmons’s sci-fi world

The books by Dan Simmons are mind blowing (if you enjoy science-fiction that is). The scope of the stories are epic, there’s an array of complex characters, and a meticulous render of future worlds. While reading them, images kept popping up in my mind, which I dutifully sketched. I made one oil-painting of the Shrike (here), and digitally built and renderend many scenes on the computer.

The following digital renders were made using a mix of CAD software, mainly Rhino for building, Cinema4D for rendering, Vue d’Esprit for rendering landscapes, Poser for creating the characters. And some photoshop at the end for detailing, colour adjusting and so.

From “Ilium” – Ada gazing out of the window at the crumbling Golden Gate Bridge at Machu Picchu:layered3b

From “Ilium” – Harman, Daeman and Savi floating through the desolate ruins of the e-ring, wearing skinsuits and breathing apparatus:rende009


From “Ilium” – Daeman flying a 6 person sonie:sonie005b


And now the Consul’s Ship, a stealthy spaceship. It has several floors linked by a sprial staircase, which retracts to become an empty shaft for passing between floors when in a weightless atmosphere.

Herewith the sketches and annotations made while reading ‘Endymion’:sketch0

And renders. Outside, stealthy, and overview of inside levels:main

1. Master bedroom, under the stars:1b-final

2. Navigation deck, couches and retractable library:2-nav-final

3. All carpeted living-room with holopit, balcony with piano. Raul and Aenea:3-raul-aenea-finaljpg

4. Central air-lock, wood paneled lockers:4-lockers2final

5. Cold sleep level. Cryogenic fugue couches for long interstellar journeys.5-cryo6final

6. Engine room6-engine3

Apologies if I’ve bored some readers with this alternative post 🙂


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