Keen to be in a magazine…

YES YES YES! La Maison Victor jan/feb 2016 published my art-work dress! I’m less excited to see my face (or bum for that matter -> shorts in La Maison Victor sept oct 2015) than the major accolade of a superb magazine spending ink and space on something I made. Reaction from my 6 year old: “I also want to be in a magazine …” With large sad eyes.

So I’ll be making something for her, from the LMV magazines, thank you mom for the subscription… until she makes it into print. Here we go:

The Sienna dress: Which view shall I send in? Help! Any advice? It turned out a bit large, but I’m lazy and busy it feels silly to make something smaller, knowing she’ll grow into it.

20160212_143211 1.Three quarter view

20160212_143010 2.Front view

20160212_143145 3. Side view

‘Robyn’ skirt: She was allowed to draw on the fabric with textile markers. Already sent in..sketch-dress.jpg

and not my bum in print for a change:


ProductImage-magazineNL0116.pngjan/feb 2016




  1. Congratulations! Lovely daughter and love the drawing on skirt dress idea

  2. Congrats! The artwork skirt is adorable!

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