Slim urban dungarees

I love dungarees. Alas most are very ‘old Macdonald’: too large and ill-fitting. Or maternity style and equally large and ill-fitting. Thank you Knipmode for this pattern of relatively skinny dungarees!!! I wanted sleek urban dungarees, I opted for a dark denim in a cold hue, and with a bit of stretch, and fluo tangerine thread. Never mind my bad posing or weird stance trying to hide my O-legs. Or the poor winter sunlight forcing overexposure in photoshop.


I further altered the pattern a bit: the front bib is narrower to align with pockets, the front pocket smaller to fit a mobile. I skipped some decorative stitching and streamlined the back straps.


Thanks to the embroidery function of my  sewing machine I could make some funky pockets.

expo… and they match my beloved Vans.

I’m so pleased with them but aaaarghhhhh when sewing jeans mistakes are unforgiveable. Trousers were done, I happily banged the riveted hip buttons THE WRONG WAY ROUND. You can’t unstitch a riveted button. You have to open all the dubble stitched seams and replace the whole part.

Images from Knipmode:




  1. They look fab, really stylish! I’ve just checked out the link, but my German is not existent. Do they do English instructions? 😃

  2. They/you look great – and I like your back detail much more than the original.

  3. Fantastic! What a great looking pair of dungarees…now I’m itching to make some too!

  4. I think I might try making these in like a month! Wow! They look great!

  5. Diya

    Hi I found your page while googling knipmode this particular issue. I own only one I bought on a trip. I understand only english but still I bought it becuase I loved the patterns in it. I already made the shorts(12) pretty straight forward it was. I also want to make this dungrees. I am good at assenbling pattern pieces myself but can you please tell me if there is some valuable information which one must know in the instructions ? Your dungrees looks so good 🙂 Thanks in advance. I want to try many more patterns from this issue the jumpsuit on the cover too..

    • Thank you! Let me see, it’s been a few years since, I don’t remember weird problems. They assign letters to pattern areas which helps assembling parts. The front zip is fake . Also “voorpas/achterpas” are the front flap and back part. First you need to strengthen parts (3 and 4 – inside part only. 7. 8 and 9 – inside part only. 10 . 11 to half. Then assemble following a certain order (Start with front flap pocket etc… ). Maybe google translate the bold titles of the descriptions. Should you get stuck, for example with the order of assembly of belt area, let me know I could translate that specific part. I think I took the trousers in a bit, they were a bit too wide. The other personal alterations I listed in the blog. Enjoy!!!

      • Diya

        Oh i see My comment was not clear. I meant if I get stuck in some sentence while making I would get in touch with u . After google translate does not help me. Many thanks for all that you replied already..I love bloggers who respond to readers. Have a great day.

      • Yes of course I can help out. This is one reason I blog, I’ve learned so much from other bloggers, now it’s my turn 🙂

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