Slim urban dungarees

I love dungarees. Alas most are very ‘old Macdonald’: too large and ill-fitting. Or maternity style and equally large and ill-fitting. Thank you Knipmode for this pattern of relatively skinny dungarees!!! I wanted sleek urban dungarees, I opted for a dark denim in a cold hue, and with a bit of stretch, and fluo tangerine thread. Never mind my bad posing or weird stance trying to hide my O-legs. Or the poor winter sunlight forcing overexposure in photoshop.


I further altered the pattern a bit: the front bib is narrower to align with pockets, the front pocket smaller to fit a mobile. I skipped some decorative stitching and streamlined the back straps.


Thanks to the embroidery function of my  sewing machine I could make some funky pockets.

expo… and they match my beloved Vans.

I’m so pleased with them but aaaarghhhhh when sewing jeans mistakes are unforgiveable. Trousers were done, I happily banged the riveted hip buttons THE WRONG WAY ROUND. You can’t unstitch a riveted button. You have to open all the dubble stitched seams and replace the whole part.

Images from Knipmode:





  1. They look fab, really stylish! I’ve just checked out the link, but my German is not existent. Do they do English instructions? 😃

  2. They/you look great – and I like your back detail much more than the original.

  3. Fantastic! What a great looking pair of dungarees…now I’m itching to make some too!

  4. I think I might try making these in like a month! Wow! They look great!

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