Norwegian knitted jacket -free chart

I keep embarking on these mega knitting projects that keep me frustrated busy for months. Latest finished knitothon: a self-designed cardigan with various Norwegian-style patterns. It’s not as gorgeous as I had hoped for but am very pleased it (being finished! and fitting and warm and such), hence the smug smile. Also the 60 cm zipper was just too short, so I tend to wear it open.





Here’s the free chart of the body part: annina-g-chart for the sleeves I just started improvising as my wool was running out and I had to use whatever colour I had left over.

I had started with a very different pattern, but it just didn’t quite work out, and it was much too wide, despite decreasing:



Inspiration: keitodama and Maison Martin Margiela.

For the shape I followed Drop’s Silver Dream Cardigan but bottom-up iso top-down.


Despite careful gauge testing, the body turned out waaaay too wide. I had neatly calculated a symmetric reduction/increase in the sides, see photo below,  which I had to take in with my sewing machine. Lots of sulking involved.


Thanks for bearing with me.



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