Stamped robot T-shirt

This post is a quickie before the wedding bells ring! In 10 days my mad wedding sewothon will end, and this sweatshop-in-the-attic returns to being an atelier. And I can show the wedding collection 2016:

  • bride : the 4 prototypes leading to the final dress, which sewing I outsourced!
  • bridesmaid: a lined bamboo/cotton dress with meters of tulle, and meters of invisible hand-stitching with nylon thread (and a back-up cotton dress)
  • ring-bearer: a formal, lined 2-piece suit (made of 65 teeny tiny pieces of fabric)

anyway back to the pre nuptial quickie: for my daughter’s end of year performance everyone needs a robot-look every now and then, right?

I usually hand paint, but found stamping various objects on the T-shirt far better for the industrial look . Her robot name is: m2i2, if you squint you can read Maia 🙂





Detail of the user interface above. Below the tools used, bits and bobs and bobbins:


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