Cool overall – but why this weird fit?

Help! Do any of my kind readers know why there’s a diamond-shaped-pull in the back? I get tons of compliments for this overall, and do feel glam in it, but I’m bugged by the ill-fitting back. Is it the zipper? The fact I’m wearing regular underwear iso string? The fabric too thin? The pattern vs body shape, and if so what/where?  I’d appreciate your input to try and fix it. Merci!


The pattern is called “Iris” by La Maison Victor, it’s meant to be a culotte-overall but my legs are short enough, I don’t need truncating them unnecessarily.

I see some pulling too here, pity the picture only shows top:


  1. It is very cute! I have similar diamond back problems (bad here I think it’s a combination of having more erect posture/narrow back and also needing a bit of a sway back adjustment.

  2. I’m no expert but it looks to me that there’s a bit too much fabric at the middle of the centre back. Anyway it’s a cute garment!

  3. Very cute garment indeed! I think it’s defo a sway back adjustment, but can’t make up my mind about the rest. If you end up unpicking them, I’d try the top and bottom separately to see where the issues are before they get compounded.

  4. Taaaaadaaaa …

    La Maison Victor, editie sept-okt 2016.

    (Mijn bescheiden zelve staat op de rechterzijde van dezelfde pagina 😉 )

    Vriendelijke groeten,


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