Traffic safe beanie and scarf

Around here (Belgium) primary schoolchildren have to wear reflective neon vests in winter so as to be visible in the darkness/mist. These vests are not so pretty and thus not hugely popular. Especially older children and teens will not wear them.

Here’s an idea for a beanie and scarf, I hope somewhat more attractive, so the fluo-vest-haters would hopefully wear these, and be safer at night in traffic. I hope to inspire knitters to knit them, and children and adults alike to wear them! Be safe 🙂


final-finalI used two yarns from Schachenmayr for this project,  Lumio Fine which reflects light in the dark, and Boston, which comes in lovely colours, also visible neon colours. Acrylic: 70%, Virgin Wool: 30%. I used European size 7 knitting needles. The yarns are super bulky, so these items are knitted in a jiffy.


Beanie (size 8 year old) – I plan to make and post more sizes 🙂
Cast on 72 stitches, knit/purl for 20 rows. Then decrease a stitch every 18 stitch – or 4 times per row. Keep decreasing 4 times per row at the same place.
Use any colours as long as you use a reflective yarn and a neon yarn.

Cast on 20, knit/purl until desired length. Again, use a reflective and a neon yarn, plus any other colours you find harmonious.

For the Benelux readers, I ordered the Lumio Fine (100g 8,95€) at the Wolnut, and the Fluo Boston (50g 3,95€) at Veritas. Both shops sell more Boston colours. Veritas also sells a Lumio which is even chunkier, for needles 10mm.



  1. Amazing! I’m totally inspired, I wonder whether you can get the yarn in the uk?

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