Fleece Finn jacket

We were pretty smug when we picked a traditional and fairly unknown Norwegian name for our boy in 2014. So smug it backfired. By the time he was born, ‘Finn’ was number 10 in the NL- BE chart. Followed a cool stormtrooper named Finn. Not to mention Adventure time Finn,  an airline company called


And now, my favourite sewing magazine La Maison Victor nov-dec 2016 has a baby jacket named ‘Finn’. Up to 86cm/1y. How can a mom resist? I redrafted it for a 3 year old, rummaged in my stash in the attic. Leftovers from my Space Dress? Perfect!


Sewing was smooth, photoshoot less so. In the end I used a combination of two photo’s, one for the posture, one for the head. Thank you photoshop.

I let my machine embroider his name… pathetic I know 🙂


And now we hope hope hope he will make it into print!

This is how gorgeous the jacket is with better fabric/seamstress/model and styling. I still have a loooong way to go!



  1. Gorgeous boy with gorgeous shirt 😉

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