Louis Vuitton cable turtleneck COPY

Ooo-oooh there is some gorgeous stuff out there, take this modern though traditional, feminine yet edgy sweater, by Louis Vuitton… I apologize to LV for copying it instead of buying it. Obvious r€a$on$, but also for wanting to try cables, and another colour.



OK, I failed getting the same amount of -oomph- and volume, but then it’s hard enough getting into my winter jacket as it is! The choice of dark blue was deliberate. I’ve stopped wearing black [colour of choice for architects and designers like myself] when my daughter was born. Maybe someone out there can explain why I developed this distaste for black postpartum?


Some details: wool: Nepal navy blue 1709 by Drops, recommended by the very talented Tassadit.

Pattern (free): a boyfriend sweater 52-8 by Drops in size S. Changes to it: I made the  body and sleeves shorter, ribbed quite a bit more instead, and also create a higher neck. If anyone is interested I could let them know the exact changes in cm and stitches.




  1. OMG ! You did a FANTASTIC job with this sweater ! Not only are the cables done perfectly (I used to knit this kind of patterns too – and they require A LOT of focused attention), it’s a gorgeous silhouette all together ! Stunning, and the dark blue suits you too ! Huge fan of your work dear 😉

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