Modern coat from old woollen blanket

The perks of sewing! We can turn old beloved fabric, high in emotional value and pretty at that, into clothing. Last summer we sold our beautiful little Swedish cottage, after 35 years… I kept loads of mementos, like this beautiful vintage woollen (and stained) blanket. Skillful pattern cutting avoided the worst stains, and now I can snuggle in my memories.


To give it a modern twist I used the Chloë pattern from La Maison Victor, with raglan sleeves. The thick blanket and large pattern also called for a simple pattern without too many seams. I kept the original stitched edge at hem and sleeves. Alterations to pattern to suit the thick wool: longer sleeves, added collar, zipper, no facings but an added bias edge in fluorescent red-orange.

I would have matched the pattern better in the front had I had more non-stained fabric.

Question: should I add a bit of a waist?



  1. Looks perfect just as it is, I think it might be a bit bulky to add a belt.

    • Thank you for the massive compliment, I agree a belt would not work, I was considering darts, but you’re right: it’s a ‘bulky’ coat and I should respect that 🙂

  2. Such a cool transformation of a blanket into a garment!

  3. I like the straight lines of it, wouldn’t change a thing. Looks great.

  4. Lovely! I like the shape as it is. It looks modern.

  5. Wow, what a great project! Makes me think of Lapland, I don’t know why. Thumbs up for the refashion as well! And definitely leave as is, it’s just right!

    • Thank you Alex, I’m now convinced, I’ll leave it. I get your Lapland thing! The ice cold colours, the touch or orange setting sun, the fluffy snow/wool… I should wear reindeer antlers 🙂

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