African wax coat

The lovely Lesley from Sew sleep deprived made this stunning outfit and skirt. She gave me the courage to go for bold African Wax prints, despite my pale complexion.

The inspiration for this coat/dress came from the Gugu dress by Demestik (one day I hope to afford ordering something at Demestik, their clothes are sublime). Besides shipping costs and chance of garment not fitting, I also wanted to blend the shawl collar into the skirt part. And have it lined, this wax fabric is rather itchy. Are they all?


On the left, me, shot by tall husband. On the right by a 7 year old. Don’t I magically look taller and thinner. Maybe fashion photographers are all really tiny?


Must make a new belt and use interfacing, this won’t do. And now the big question, is it overkill to wear the matching dress and coat???


The Gugu Dress…


Pattern found at Burdastyle. Shawl collar blazer 11/2015 #102C.


  • I made the lapel/shawl collar narrower
  • at waist I added a more voluminous skirt (basic shape: long rectangle) making sure the lapel part is flat and running all the way down.

000-11-2015 -102B


Finally, fabric found at Le Chien Vert in Brussels


  1. I love your coat. And I have this pattern, but I haven’t gotten round to trying it yet…
    Mind blown!

    As for your point about tiny photographers — I read somewhere that they often shoot their subjects from a lower position precisely to make them look taller and more svelte. You should make your child your full-time sewing assistant 😉

    • Thank you for the compliment! I’m curious what you’ll make from the pattern. I found the fit on upper arms a bit tight. I had another from Burda as plan B with raglan sleeves (like the Gugu) but thought traditional sleeves would be more elegant.

      • That’s good to know about the sleeves. I often lower the sleeve cap and add some ease to it for a better range of motion (raising the armhole helps, too). I’ll need to finally print out the pattern and take a look at that sleeve cap 🙂

  2. Aaah that’s me! Wonderful that I’ve inspired someone. The jacket is fabulous -I’ve been looking for a similar pattern for a while. And I definitely reckon you can wear them both together for a special occasion. I always get such lovely compliments when I wear my African print clothes

    • Yes you 🙂 Thank you for the compliment, and the inspiration. The coat pattern is great, a bit tight on upper arms. I had ordered another lovely pattern: Burda 101 from december 2016, with raglan sleeves which could also be a great with a peplum/skirt.

  3. Gorgeous! I think the print is very well chosen. The colours suit you and the scale is just right.

    You could totally wear the matching dress with it for a special occasion. It’s stunning!

    • Thank you Catherine, I’ll take a deep breath and wear them together one day. I looked a long time for a fitting colour. Are you planning something with a wax? I’d be curious to see what your magic does with it.

      • I’ve got a length of wax print I was intending for a shirt dress but that was a while ago; I never quite found the right pattern. One day 🙂

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