Summer holiday wardrobe

Too many items to post, I’ll make a special summer holiday bundle if you don’t mind. It was our first proper holiday in 4 years, so reason enough to make some new items!

First up: the Va-va-voom maxi dress. Casual enough thanks to the cotton jersey and the T-shirt sleeves. Evening appropriate through deep petrol colour, the supple fabric, long slit on leg and low back. Extremely comfortable yet very elegant. And easy to sew.



Pattern from Knip June 2016


Next: the Street-worthy pyjama. A dark-blue cotton jersey overall, comfortable enough to sleep, lounge and travel in, but still classy enough to wear to the restaurant. I had planned to make a faux-verall, but ran out time. Has anyone made one? Any advice?



Pattern from Knip March 2016


And finally the itsy-bitsy-romper! Not very age appropriate (I’m 45) but when it’s more than 30°C and no-one knows you, I thought why not.




The top is from the Flo Dress by La Maison Victor, the shorts are the same pattern as my 4th holiday make, adapted to fit a romper.

Sadly our tiny Greek island had no fabric shop or market, Alex (Sewrendipity), Lesley (SewSleepDeprived), Tassadit (RueDesRenards) and Tifaine (Madame Tifaine) will understand how empty-handed I felt… so I bought a baby olive tree of 18 months instead!




  1. Ze staan je allemaal prachtig !!! Héél mooi gedaan !!!

  2. I like all three — wonderfully classic fabric choices, too! The dress is my favorite: day-to-night and effortlessly elegant 🙂

  3. I missed this post when it first came out. I love the maxi dress. All your items have my favourite quality of simplicity. And you’re Dutch! I have so many relatives in The Netherlands.

    • Thank you for your compliments! I’m actually of Swiss origin, born in Norway (hence the scandi-colourwork knitting bug), I lived and worked for 15 years in the Netherlands, am now in Belgium. Whereabouts are you?

  4. ahhh that explains you spotting the Dutch sentences, well done!

  5. I love all these makes, but the maxi dress takes the biscuit for me! You look stunning! I love the colour and it just works amazingly with your slender figure (well, they all do, a bit jealous, here :)).

    • Thank you, wow. Through sewing I’m learning to turn my lack of curves (I’ve been compared to an insect in the past, not very sexy) into elegance. In turn I envy women like you, who look like women, not insects 🙂

      • Ha ha, we all envy what we haven’t got! I’d love to be so slim, but no matter how much weight I lose, the pear shape conformation will not help.

      • It’s not fair, the only time I gained weight, was only stomach, not bum or breasts! Maybe I am a man 😉 Anyway we’re fortunate we can sew and make the most of our curves, or lack thereof.

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