Anthracite cider bowls… or planters?

One day I notice a lovely grey clay sample at my ceramics course, and told the teacher “lovely colour clay, it’s almost an… anthracite colour”. She replied “that’s because it IS anthracite (the mineral)”. Oops.

As a throwing exercise, we have to try to make series. Slowly working with larger amounts of clay. I tried keeping the same shape, but glazing them in different colours. For a beginner I’m quite pleased… but the odd size and somewhat large shape left me wondering what to do with them. “Cider bowls?” the teacher kindly suggested. VII-anthracite

They’ve been collecting dust for a few months…. wondering what to do with them…


… until one day I needed pots for my growing succulents. In our class we usually say of a failed pot: “can always be used in the garden, the plants don’t mind”. And so I did, but so as not to offend the pots I placed them in the front garden on the window sill for all to see. Let’s see if they survive the winter…


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