Knitted Icelandic sweater, ehm, for the indoors…

My childhood in Norway was kept warm by pretty, though bulky and itchy, hand-knitted sweaters. After knitting a few warm (and less itchy sweaters, thank you new yarns) sweaters myself, I realised I often didn’t wear them…. as too warm. Enter a soft cotton-merino mix by Drops. It’s pleasant to wear on the skin, nice and warm though not too hot. The pattern is Icelandic: Riddari. I’ve had pneumonia, knitting is all I could manage, at least something good came out of it šŸ™‚


Purposefully I stopped knitting too early, to create a feminine boat-neck. In the back it’s hanging too low though. I would also have liked it a bit tighter, but after 8 trials of pattern size vs knitting needle size, it’s the best I managed. Enter the risky solution= washing it and hoping it will shrink just enough to solve both problems šŸ™‚


Proof that my hobbies ceramic + knitting get along very well! As you see, my stockinette is far from even, have a look at this amazing stockinette by Felicia… Which is probably why I like knitting intricate Scandinavian patterns to distract from it.



Many thanks to this amazing lady on Ravelry for inspiration. Aaaah look at that fit!


In the end I opted for ice blue, white, mustard and coral.



  1. This is very pretty. I love the boatneck and your colour choices. Maybe the low neck at the back will help keep it not too warm?? I don’t see any problem with your stockinette stitch that won’t also even out in a wash šŸ™‚

    • aaaah… thank you, also for giving me hope for the smoothness, ironing already helped a lot, maybe washing will then solve all of my problems! I had knitted a 100% cotton before (this is 50%) and I also thought the result was less smooth. Maybe cotton is less stretchy, less forgiving than wool?

      • I haven’t yet knit with cotton, but cotton is not nearly as stretchy as wool. I’ve heard that wool “blooms” in the wash, which is apparently a good thing. But does cotton? I guess you’ll have to throw it in the wash to find out šŸ™‚

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