Style Arc’s ‘Sunday Jacket’ joins the Rebellion…

And thus, I’m coming out in all my geekiness! A warm and somewhat waterproof jacket, and fellow geeks will recognize the Star Wars rebellion symbol. Now the big question… will I dare wear it in public to the “Last Jedi” tomorrow???



Since I live in a rather wet part of Europe, and do a minimum of 2 school runs a day through any weather, by foot or bicycle, I need good and weatherproof jackets. There are very few fleeces or softshell jackets in the shops which cover the hips and bum. I really do prefer my bum warm. Also a slightly longer jacket feels a bit more feminine.


An optically thinned waist… thank you neon piping magic.



I found the Sunday Jacket at Style Arc was closest to what I had in mind (sporty jacket with a waist/raglan sleeves/hood). I only needed to lengthen it, which I did with a rounded rear. Sunday Zip Jacket Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Designer zip front hooded walking jacket

It may look like I’m desperately trying to flash my … grey T-shirt, I’m actually showing off the lining!


Alterations to the Sunday Jacket:

  • lengthening
  • rounding off the rear and sides
  • adding piping for a dramatic sporty effect
  • lining it, as the rough part of the softshell fabric does not agree with any pullover worn beneath
  • I’ve waited a month for the eyelets I ordered to make the hood cord [twice they sent the wrong ones] and when I finally got them I noticed the hood is tight enough you don’t need any! So I omitted them.
  • took in the waist in the back/side a bit

Comments about the pattern:

  • the hood is pretty pointy
  • a bit tight under the arms, especially for a sporty jacket
  • the sleeves are a touch too short
  • pockets not quite deep enough to be comfy

Although I’m very pleased with it, the fabric is a bit too bulky. The pockets gape, I may have to close them.

And now, let’s hope no-one from the Dark Side reads sewing blogs… otherwise I’m done for!


  1. Ooh that’s really nice! I love the piping.

  2. That is wild about the hood cord! The piping really pops!

  3. Beth

    I see you made this a few years ago, but it’s never too late for someone to say it’s AWESOME! I’m thinking of making that pattern in fleece, and I would do as you did, and make it hip length or longer. Also, I love it that you made it the Jedi theme, that’s so stealthy-cool.

    • Aw, thank you for your kind words! I still wear it! I can recommend it too It’s a touch too narrow at the upper arm, but I have the same with Burda, so I think it’s my arms that are too bulky. Not very lady-like…

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