Japanese spring dress in Mordor

OOOOOOooh how I miss spring. We’ve had record amounts of LACK OF sun this winter, it was even in the news. What’s a poor blogger to do? Where do all you creative people take your pictures in winter? To give me a sunny boost I’ve sewn a spring dress, the pattern Monica from La Maison Victor, it has a discreet kimono cut to it. Though they recommend a woven fabric, I had this cutsie pink jersey with a dragonfly print, also discreetly Japanese I find. The perks using jersey: I could omit the zipper and skip the slit at the back. And it’s really comfy…

And now to the challenge, how to take pictures of it? Dark rainclouds day after day, it’s like Mordor out there.

First trial. 21:30 on the 22nd of December. I had come back from a lovely Christmas drink with friends, first outing of the dress! I was dolled up, and cheerful from the mulled wine. Husband absent, eldest at a sleepover and toddler at sleep so I thought, let me shoot myself in the brightest room we have, the bathroom.


It’s not bad, but the yellow light, weird contrast and shadows, low placement of camera on window sill…hmmm…not ideal.

Second trial. On the ‎28th of ‎December ‎at exactly ‏‎15:49:37, there were a few minutes of Sun. Quickly! Dress on, look for the sunniest room, grab a photographer as there’s no time to re-arrange furniture to improvise a stand. And so my 3 year old shot me in their ‘sunny’ bedroom.


[no comment]

Third attempt. Still no Sun…  but also no rain. And so, desperate, I shot myself in the scarce light I could find on our terrace.


I still don’t think the setting gives the dress justice, but I’ve given up. The irony of it, it was sunny for the whole 15 minutes this post took to write…

I do like this pattern though, easy to sew, a bit modern, not too formal, flattering and rather comfy. Next time in a woven fabric though. The band in the back/neck should be twisted, but it looks a bit like a mistake, what do you think? Leave it twisted or restitch it flat???



  1. Love the dress! I’d say leave the back strap flat next time and see what it looks like maybe. Heehee it’s been like Mordor where I live too. Good for sewing bad for pics! I got a chuckle out of the picture your 3 year old took. It was a good try 🙂

  2. That’s a really cool silhoette! It looks great on you.

    I’d probably resew that strap flat — well, as long as there’s no risk of damaging the dress.

  3. I like that fabric a lot. And I have problems finding enough light for a good six months of the year. I envy those people who have a sunny beach or palm trees year round.

  4. Lovely style. I’d say if the strap bothers you it’s worth restitching. But would you think twice about it on RTW? Personally I think it’s nice as-is.

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