A re-run, a new piece and a muslin.

Firstly, a re-make of the LMV Lora dress from years ago. This time in a jersey and a badass print of Jimi Hendrix by Mies&Moos. I had bought it at the open air fabric market ‘Lapjesmarkt’ in Utrecht. I enjoy the bold print clashing with the chic model. The fit in the back could be a touch better, I chose for the waist seam to be in Jimi’s hair, thus allowing future tweaking, it did mean having faces on my breasts…


I wore it to the school party (festival theme), I will wear it to my ceramics vernissage soon, and definitely when accompanying my husband to pick up his custom-made Italian suits in a very chic and traditional shop.

Then the Butterick 5785 blouse is finally done. I struggled with the sizing of the big 4 (post). I’m not too displeased, but although it still looks a bit large and frumpy, it’s bizarrely tight, I can just about floss in it. Not convinced I like the back. And it generally lacks the Blade Runner 2049 vibe I was hoping for. Unsure I’ll wear it a lot.



Finally the (wearable) muslin for paperbag-waist trousers. They definitely look like pyjamas, admittedly my bed-head, tank top and bare feet are not helping: we just had a heat wave in Belgium!trio

The trousers  are “Harper” from La Maison Victor, they use a sturdier fabric, no pyjama look there. What puzzles me a bit is how tight they fit their model, they look more like skinnies, which I’m not sure work with the paper bag concept. Also I like filling the space between my cowboy legs with some fabric. No pun intended. Now I’m hesitating whether or not I like them enough to buy a fancier fabric and make them a touch tighter on the leg.

Image result for harper broek la maison victorImage result for harper broek LMV


  1. I like the blouse a lot from the front but I agree something doesn’t look quite right about the back. Seems like it needs some darts? But pictures can be so deceptive, it might just be the way it’s belted.

    Cute trousers and dress!

    • Thank you for your blouse advice! I realise that simply pulling it down a bit might have helped already (!), I’ll see how belting affects it, and otherwise check the seams/darts.

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