Vintage Burda Sunsuit

I sometimes use vintage patterns as I find them more flattering on the female body, especially the ones from the 50’s. They cleverly enhance some bits and hide others. My sweet teenage nephew had bought me the Burda 1950’s vintage magazine for Christmas!


Some patterns seem altered and have become a bit shapeless, unless it’s the sloppy fitting and styling. See this example where the visual explosion at the waist just fizzles to a hanging mess. Sorry Burda.

Anyway I picked the Capri Sunsuit as I was looking for a chic evening romper.


I decided to clean it up and left out the contrasting edges. I chose a plain cotton satin with a bit of stretch, but a pop colour. I also sewed on the shoulder straps iso leaving them removable, and I tried to leave a bit of elasticity in them. I took in a couple of centimeters between the legs, but even now I find them a bit too flared… For the rest the fit was spot-on and I only needed to add the usual 5cm at the waist for my long trunk. I’m very pleased with it and even wore it for dinner on holiday, though with flat sandals as my 8 year’old though it’s too sexy for a mom to wear… is it? Is it really??


I may fine-tune the bust darts too… I was wearing a bra with a shell but it certainly looks like I’m cold, which I obviously wasn’t 🙂


I’ll definitely make them again, but then with a skirt to match, as they were meant to be.


  1. Nice! The pink suits you and it’s a very modern shape to my eye despite being from the 50s. Best of both worlds!

  2. This is really nice. I have to say I couldn’t imagine anyone having a need for an evening romper !? But this seems a daytime, almost sporty look.

    • HAHAHA, now you mention it, it does sound a bit odd, I guess I like to stir up the standard dress codes on the one hand, and noticed that skirts/dress are not always practical (cycling, bending or crouching with the little ones..). But thanks for the compliment 🙂

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