Simple knit – why not?

A childhood in Scandinavia and one deeply believes in the exclusive beauty of intricate knitted patterns. After a few stranded knits, (this or that), I realised that there is an essential beauty in a simple minimal knit too. Thank you Felicia 🙂

About to go skiing last winter, I panicked when I couldn’t find any warm pullover for my little man. Luckily he’s tiny and I think I knitted this in a few days. I found the pattern in La Maison Victor jan-feb 2016, it’s called ‘Joseph’. Only change: I prefer using a circular needle, as it’s much quicker knitting in the round rather than front + back separately. Plus no tedious assembly of parts. Oh and I made raglan sleeves. I’m in a raglany phase. I also made a lower neck, as wool on tender necks is not so pleasant.




Travelling back from the skiing holiday. That’s a Swiss train, most have a ‘family’ compartment. Nice for families, but also nice for commuters who can find quiet areas in the rest of the train.


I still had some left-over wool from my fake Louis Vuitton pullover , “Nepal” in navy blue 1709 by Drops.

And now the big question, what will my new winter knit be… something busy and stranded like these pullovers by Essentiel – Antwerp?


Or rather something sober, stylish and minimal like Ankers Trøje?

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Or back to stranded but sober in its complexity, like the Öland sweater?


Help! So many lovely sweaters….



  1. Plain is good, and possibly all I will ever make, but my goodness you’ve shown some gorgeous stranded versions. That red and white one really appeals to me. And congrats to your little guy on getting such a warm and cozy sweater. Looks as though he likes it.

    • I cracked and started the lovely plain one. Also because I’m struggling to pick colours for my next stranded project… Anyway thanks again for your inspirational sweater.

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