I tried baggy and failed, thus ending up fitted. Again.

Since I started sewing I’ve diligently tried working on a better fit. A part from a straight coat once, I had never ventured into the non-streamlined world of sewing. But there are so many beautiful clothes with interesting volumes… not fitted, not waisted and not following the body.  Baggy with style.

And so, I took a deep breath a set about to make the LMV Arianne dress, I even ordered the same fabric. Insecure, I made a muslin with a cheaper fabric. It’s probably my brainwashed ‘fitted’ brain, but I hated it. It looked like a sack. A non-stylish sack. And so, disenchanted I went back to making a fitted version, using my *new* sloper/block!

arianne jurk1st muslin : the sack

2nd muslin : the fitted olives

final dress : the fitted leaves


Although I feel bad for returning to the familiar fitted, waisted silhouette, I really love this dress, and the sporty arm-holes really work now. I failed in creating a sack, but have no fear, as I’m working on a lovely new sack dress project, hopefully I won’t crack this time!


  1. I’m with you on this – I don’t do unfitted garments either because they turn into fattening sacks on me. I found it happens to all women with boobs and bums, as opposed to the flat cylindrical super-thin models that represent our ideals.

    • I agree that well tailored and fitting clothes can do wonders on any body size or shape… but I’m still willing to take on the challenge of making a stylish sack. Maybe because it is hard and out of my comfort zone 🙂

  2. Well the final version certainly suits you! I think we instinctively know what works for us 🙂

  3. Tea

    I love both the second and third version! But you’re right! The fitted dress looks much more flattering. I have found that you must have a specific shape to pull off a loose fitting shift dress. You did an excellent job at resize! Thanks for sharing!

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