Anker’s Blues – a lovely yet discreet pullover.

My knitting world was momentarily turned upside down as this pullover is knitted top-down. Tricky,  as you cannot try it on after say 10 cm of knitting to see if the size fits, as you can when you start at the waist. The neck hole looked teeny-tiny, but then it’s rib, and that contracts. Hopeful that the weight of wool and some filling (my shoulders) would help spread the neck area, I knitted on. When I could finally try it on, I noticed the neck does spread out nicely.


The body done, I made a sleeve. Which was much too tight. Hang on, have I now knitted with a smaller needle??!?! 3,5mm iso 4mm? Hm.. undo sleeve, re-knit sleeve. Re-try, still a bit too tight. Physically but also visually compared to the body. Undo sleeve again and skip every other decrease. That did the trick! But it cost more wool than specified, an extra 1,5 skein! I had ordered one extra to be safe, but that was just not enough. The sleeves were about 6cm too short! Luckily Bizzy Lizzy had one more skein in the same dyelot!


The pattern “Anker’s Sweater” is from Petite Knit. The wool is Merino extra fine from Drops in the colour 23. It’s not itchy and I wore it directly on the skin.


Positive: pleasant pattern to knit, not too complex.
Negative: one cannot try the size for a long time. The too narrow sleeves.

A part from the sleeve change, I added a bit of a waist.

The original.

Onto the next one, for my daughter… Also my mom is kitting one as well, we’ll be three generations wearing the same sweater, soon we can sing along to the Sound of Music!


  1. That has a great shape. You were right to adjust the waist!

  2. I like the fact that there’s a texture design on the yoke. It’s nice. You usually knit bottom-up sweaters?

    • I also really liked that simple texture design on the yoke. For some reason all my other sweaters were bottom-up, maybe it was chance? Or a Scandi thing? I notice I don’t knit so evenly, what’s your trick? Your pullovers have amazing stockinette 🙂

  3. An-Karlien

    What a gorgeous pull-over ! It suits you great !

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