Style Arc’s Cher Knit Dress – a lovely waistless time waister.

Recently I’ve tried challenging myself to try sewing not form-fitting dresses. The last one, ended up waisted. Then I picked this cool pattern by Style Arc knowing I would not be able to somehow turn it into a silhouetted dress.

Cher Knit Dress Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Funnel neck cocoon shaped dressBut it turned out to be a really lengthy process, though it had looked so simple. It’s a simple pattern, no lining, no details, it should have been ready in a few hours, yet in the end it took me months. The neck was soooo narrow I could hardly pull it on, also the dress was a bit short, and the bulk of the dress was diamond-shaped in a weird way. But I bit the fabric hard and did not let go. Hrrrr.

The diamond: I guess my Punta di Roma is a bit too rigid and does not hang as it’s meant to (see illustration above). Or maybe it’s not stiff enough to make a proper neoprene geometric designer statement. It’s teletubby without the TV.


So I took the horizontal seam in a bit, to remove some of the front and back bulk. It worked but left me with a very obvious side bulk. And the dress had gotten quite a bit shorter:


Onto removing the side bulk, it’s slowly better, still a baggy dress, but less Teletubbie. But too short, it’s not even hemmed!


Luckily I had some spare fabric left to make a new skirt part, a smidgen longer.

Neck problem area: if I hemmed the turtle neck, I could not pull it over my head (my head is small btw). So I reduced the height of the turtle neck, that helped but not enough. In the end I only partly hemmed the shorter neck, and left a folded unhemmed part to allow enough stretch to just be able to pull over my head.

All in all a very comfortable dress to wear, elegant in a relaxed way, but not worth the hassle of faffing about for months.



I shouldn’t adjust my bun in public, it gets reaaaally short.


Are there any more similar patterns out there? I like this type of dress with slightly futuristic elements but in a comfy, slouchy way.


  1. All hail teletubbies! 🤩 I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your choice of fabric, I rather think that this is one of those dresses that is easy to imagine but not so easy to bring into existence in the real world that obeys the laws of physics. May be if you used a very loose knit fabric instead, it wouldn’t look like a teletubby? But then it wouldn’t have any distinct shape either. But may be it’s a good thing?
    I think the final result is lovely! 😀 Although indeed not like the picture.
    The problem of batwing sleeves is that, although great for flying, they are less great for raising your arms. If it’s a blouse, it doesn’t stay tucked in, and if it’s a dress, it rides up, except if the dress is fitted around the waist, then you just cannot raise your arms at all, period. Not without ripping your dress, anyway.

  2. I like the end result but it looks as if you had to take a lot out! I’m wondering if starting with a smaller size might help (not so easy with Style Arc of course, unless you get the very multi sized versions from Amazon 😦 )

    • Thank you. It’s a good point, only the sleeves and neck were already really narrow in my size… Maybe it’s meant for really supple fabrics, I had a look at what other ladies used, they were quite slippery looking, but I didn’t like that effect. I AM difficult 🙂

  3. I love what you did with the pattern! Your dress looks awesome! Maybe check out the Jasper dress from Paprika Patterns for an alternative

  4. I’ve made this dress twice. First time was a total wadder – the fabric looked like I was receiving morse code from outer space and the whole thing was just like horrible sweat pants in dress form. For some reason I made it again, but this time did the top in a different fabric to the skirt – much better. Added a heap of length to the skirt as well, and didn’t hem it (neoprene). Not the most flattering thing but it’s warm and comfy and could be worse. One of the very few StyleArc patterns I don’t absolutely love – all the rest have been a big success.

    • Thank you for your input (besides making me laugh out loud) it’s good to hear I’m not the only who was struggling. Happy to hear it worked out alright though! Happy sewing!

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