Stylish, feminine yet relaxed…

If I think feminine, stylish yet relaxed, I think of the 70’s (glam… not hippie) I remember my Mom looking so beautiful with Charlie’s Angels hair, a cognac boot and a wrap dress. That look has been simmering for years on the fashion scene but is now really making a comeback. I’ve also been trying for years to get it right.

Knipmode # 20 09/2013 – and the polyester sari dress

In 2013 I had planned, then made, a 70’s inspired V-neck dress with puffy sleeves. I used a sheer polyester sari with large flowers. The sleeves are unlined. I’ve never worn it as it’s too big, I really mind the gaping in the front, and I can’t be bothered to unpick the dress and lining for this one adjustment. Could I just take it in in the middle front? Or tuck it in a bit at the shoulder? Any ideas or advice?

front-sidegape the gaping V-neck….

225 Knip mode september 2013 05b225 Knip mode september 2013 06b the model photos

Knipmode # 15 02/2014 – and the lime dress with weird seam

In 2014 I had made a similar dress from another pattern using a lime viscose knit. And although I’ve worn it quite a bit, it has a major wonky-waistline issue. The waistline, oh so straight on the technical image, turned out really bizarre, “M” shaped. It turns out it was strange on the model photo, but because it’s dark brown you don’t notice, yet brightened on photoshop you do, I had hoped it was just poorly fitted… I usually wear it with a belt to conceal the wonky waistline, but should really sew it in place so it doesn’t slide down. I also added long cuffs as the 7/8th sleeves looked like a mistake. I’ve worn it quite a bit, especially in 2014 when I was nursing.


I still enjoy it, the light viscose knit being pleasant to wear.


linedetail2the wonky waist seam…


Remix of above patterns

2019. Recent serendipitous circumstances made a dream come true, and I’m the ecstatic owner of a Chloé bag. So the whole suave and elegant 70’s style has caught up with me again, and I desperately want to create a new wardrobe around that bag. I’m in love.

Inspiration: V-neck, slight drape, flowy light fabric, long puffy sleeves, 70’s, Chloé…

So here’s the latest dress, where I basically redrafted something based on the two above patterns.

The fabric is a light viscose knit I found in my local fabric shop Fairy Tailors.


For once I’m satisfied with something I’ve sewn, and I wear it often. Thanks for reading!


  1. Deb Mackenzie

    I’m a sewing novice, so sadly, I’m not able to give anyone advice on adjusting necklines. I love reading your posts though; your makes are really inspiring and you always look beautiful in them. Unfortunately I don’t have any friends who sew (yet!), so I’m threading a solitary path. Thank you very much for sharing your creations and occasional quandaries, they lift my day and I’m learning so much.

    • Hi Deb, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I’m a bit lazy wrt to blogging, but since blogs have helped me so much in my equally lonely sewing adventure, I like to pay it forward. Good luck!

  2. I tried sewing from Knipmode back in early 1990s, and after several attempts I gave up and went back to Burda – patterns from Knipmode never came out right. I’m sorry to see that this trend persisted! 😦

    Regarding how to fix things… The first dress with the gaping neckline is too wide for you in the upper chest (a horizontal line between the bust and the shoulders), as well as too long in the front bodice. It is possibly drafted for a larger bust. I don’t have an easy solution here – try to play with the material, make some tucks or folds until the neckline lies flat.

    The second dress is too short in the front bodice, so drafted for a much smaller bust. This can be fixed by inserting a trapeze shaped piece into the waist line seam so as to make the waist line sit where it should.

    Hope this helps! 🙂 The third dress fits you beautifully though. 😀

    • Thank your input, this is very helpful. Burda does tend to fit slightly better, but also with them I often have to play around to make them fit properly. Besides I should have known better, if you look at the model photos you can already anticipate the problems. The again, maybe it’s my body 😉

  3. It’s so nice when a project turns out really well, isn’t it 🙂 Are you planning to make it again? It’s such a classic style.

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