Scandinavian / Japanese ceramics

I love drawing and painting, and often, whatever new hobby I start such as sewing or ceramic, I still somehow end up drawing or painting. The difficulty is then often increased, for example a fabric will absorb paint very differently to paper. Example: shorts, dress (which I incidentally wore to the opening of this ceramics exhibit). Clay will also react differently to a brush stroke. Not to mention how hard it is to make a beautiful even brush stroke on a rounded 3D surface rather than a flat piece of paper!

I made some cups in an off-white clay and painted them with a blue oxide. I chose a botanic theme, more leafy than floral, to avoid it being too cute. Some are invented shapes, while others are attempts to paint existing plants such as oat, blossom, yarrow and olive. XXVI-scand2iXXVI-scandi3

Another project I did, using the same clay and oxide, is more Japanese in style. I made a small flask with two bowls.

XXVI-jap2Then I made two larger cups to match. For those who want a bigger portion of sake tea 🙂


This is me then, at the local exhibition of our ceramic class.


One of the cups, with the tree blossom, is actually a copy of something I saw on Pinterest. Unfortunately I ignore the artist’s name but I will gladly show their beautiful work here:


In the end, I find that Scandinavian Nordic (to include Finland!) and Japanese designs have much in common, it’s often nature-inspired or organic, but so clean and simple, with beautiful crisp details. So when the ceramics teacher decided to blend my two sets for the exhibit (skip the bowls and join the beakers to the flask) I though it a very good idea.


  1. They’re so beautiful! Well done!

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