HEIM : the homely home-staying sweater

First of all: I hope you and yours, dear reader, are doing well in these bizarre times!

In January I had itchy fingers, itching to knit, and I found this gorgeous pattern by Drops: Heim. It’s a rather modern pattern, but with retro colours. I planned and started it in February, before I knew we’d stay home for months. Ironically the name Heim, the Viking word for ‘home’, is really fitting what with staying home in lock-down, knitting. Very homely too. Also I watched Homeland while knitting (+ Mad Men, Blacklist and … Vikings of course)



Changes to the pattern.

  • Wool: Though I like the Drops Alpaca wool a lot, I did not like how the suggested olive colour looked, too yellow and not blended enough. See last photo. So I opted for Karisma, where I liked the olive colour, but the other colours are a bit different than in the Drops Alpaca example.
  • Size: S was too large, and I didn’t feel like knitting with size 2 needles, so I calculated a size XS for myself.
  • Knitting bottom-up iso top-down: I’ve had poor experiences knitting top-down (I could only try the pullover once I was half-way (!) and it was far too small, and eventually finished it for my daughter), so I decided to revert the process and knit bottom-up, and try it on frequently thus guaranteeing a perfect fit.
  • I added a waist for an even better fit.
  • I decreased more than the pattern says for the shoulder/neck area, as it was too wide the first time around.



Rather than blocking the finished work, I tend to iron it (wool temperature, no steam, with a wet cloth over the wool). Works perfectly for me and really quick.


Tried showing how smooth the after-ironing is:iron2

The original colours using Drops Alpaca. The muted cold hues are superb, but that speckled green-yellow scared me off using this yarn.


All in all very happy with this pullover! I might knit it again, but then using the Alpaca yarn in other colours altogether.

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