Knitted sweater inspired by a dream

I dreamt that I met a witch. A proper witch with supernatural powers. She oozed power, I felt rather intimidated. But her power was good, deeply rooted in nature. I met her in a blossoming apple orchard, she had short grey hair and looked a bit like Judy Dench. She wore this beautiful knitted sweater… I just had to knit! Whether I now have special powers is still to be seen.


Here’s me squinting at the Oslo sun:




The pattern is by Erika Guselius and is called Galdhøpiggen. I bought Nepal wool by Drops from Wolly Wonka (soft wool, not itchy!) who kindly sent extra skeins when I realised I needed to use another size to fit the gauge. The outcome is stunning. Beautiful, warm though not overly so, perfect for indoors or outdoors. I slightly changed the pattern to fit my dream: I omitted the stranded cuffs and added a turtle neck.

As fate would have it was finished just on time for an express week-end in Oslo last November, where I went for a class reunion and stayed with my BFF from 30 (!) years ago and she kindly took the snaps, as you see, it was a lot of fun!

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