Another Chloë coat…

… not from the brand Chloé unfortunately but the Chloë pattern by La Maison Victor. It’s a simple raglan coat, which let’s the fabric scream. Years ago I had transformed an old and cherished wool blanket into a coat, here, this time around I made a lighter spring/summer coat from this gorgeous and loud fabric by Rico from my local candy shop.


It’s a little large. Or is it? I’m finding it hard to fit the oversized trend properly. It’s a lined coat, with pockets and a neat pattern match in the front, but I’m not too pleased with the wrinkling caused by the zipper. I did not pull the fabric while sewing, so I’m unsure how that happened? Any ideas?


Very coronappropriate with a matching face cover…



I’ve hardly been out and about with it for obvious reasons, but the one time I did, I got a compliment for it! Next week schools open again here in Belgium, so at least I can wear it for the school run (with the compulsory face cover) if it’s a chilly morning.


I made the sleeves longer I just realised, based on the previous winter Chloë. Ah well!

Veste Chloé – LMV Collection


  1. abykittiwakewrites

    Simply gorgeous!!

  2. That’s very effective! I like it with the trainers. And your pattern matching across the front is perfect.

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