Delpozo inspired dress

Small prints make me queasy, and sewing only with plain fabrics can be a bit boring. I’ve often painted my own fabrics in the past, but have now treated myself to a Bobbinhood ‘silk-screen’ printer so I can achieve a whole range of new pattern print sizes with a sleek finish!

Delpozo’s pre-fall 2018 bold print inspired me, it’s large, loud, graphic and somewhat floral but also not.

Here’s the printing process in full action. I chose to print once the main pieces were assembled, so the positioning was easier. Details and hemming I did afterwords, in case the printing would fail!

Here’s the dress, I’m very pleased with it, it’s an easy to wear cotton jersey, I can dress it down with sneakers or up with pumps. It looks fancy but is as comfy as an old XXL T-shirt.

The pattern of the dress is Lekala 4719 but since the dress is from jersey I did not need to add a zipper. I haven’t made the belt yet, I think I will for when I wear it more formal…

Thank you for reading! x


  1. That’s a great dress! 😃 Have you chosen a new sewing machine yet? Just curious. 🙂

    • Thanks! I have indeed, thanks for your input at the time. I’ve opted for an Elna experience 550 AND a Bernette B44 overlock, so far I’m very pleased, I just need to optimize small things, like zippers.

  2. Marni

    Wow! That is lovely! It looks so professional too. I like your shoes too!

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