Sapporo coat – zipped!

Another attempt at going oversized! I had bought a chambray-looking soft shell fabric years ago and have been looking for a suitable pattern for a while. The soft shell is a bit stiff which makes it fun to try more ‘designy’ garments, like this one. I’m drawn to the architectural effect of the oversized fashion, but often struggle with sizing and fitting. Anyhow, I present to you the Sapporo Coat!

The large pockets are a feature, but in use, they tend to distort the lovely geometry of the coat. Also I have the bad habit of storing stuff in them, face-mask, house key, phone, gloves…

The original pattern is without zipper. Unsure why, maybe to ensure a pure design? But it’s winter (and **ing 2020) so I definitely need my cocoon CLOSED! Therefore I added a zipper, it’s a bit less neat, but oh so snuggly in there.

Originally, and upon advise from my 10 year old stylist, I had wanted a neon yellow zipper and stitching, with a soft pink lining. But the lining was so sheer, it looked muddy over the dark blue reverse of the softshell:

So I opted for a dark blue lining, and dark blue zipper and thread. The lining bizarrely puffed a lot. Pressing didn’t help. So off it went.

And desperate enough by now I took lining #3 in my stash, bought… er… in the nineties, with penguins and polar bears, very apt.

I still don’t know if it fits, if its my size? (I had to shorten the sleeves by 4cm) but I love it. Also I can wear my gorgeous bulky Norwegian sweaters under, like Galdhøpiggen!

The Sapporo Coat


  1. Looks good! The patterned lining picks up the colour of the shell and I think that works really well.

  2. I love the lining!

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