Cut own hair…?

Even the best hairdressers aren’t able to pimp my thin frizzy hair, so with nothing to loose, I tried cutting it myself.

1. Make a ponytail high up on head.

2. Judge how long your shag should be, in my case if I made a fist to hold the ponytail, that would result in a short fringe.

3. Take a deep breath. Cut.

4. Breathe out. Realease pony tail.

5. Adjust fringe.


Et voilà! I was actually really pleased! I look stern because I find it hard to smile at a camera lens.


I did not photoshop these photos nor have a drink before the snip. It turned out rather nice, but I admit I have been to the hairdresser since. I feared this was beginner’s luck. Forgot to take a before-the-cut photo, but this post was a month prior.

This self-cut business was actually 4 years ago, but I felt too silly posting this, I’m trying to go though my ‘draft’ list.

One comment

  1. It worked out pretty well! I’d never dare do that to mine though; it’s so badly behaved I’d probably end up with tufts.

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