hundreds free Norwegian knitting charts/patterns on FB’s Koftegruppa, here’s “Finn”

The obsessively  intricate Norwegian knitting patterns usually have a name, the place they’re originally from, or a person’s name. When I joined the Facebook knitting group Koftegruppa, I saw they have a huuuuuuge database of Norwegian knitting patterns, hundreds… and all for free. Many are ancient. [The catch: it’s all in Norwegian, there’s always a catch with free things isn’t there?] Anyway there it was, a pattern from the 50’s named FINN, like my boy. I couldn’t resist. Knit knit knit.

Can you please stand still by that wall?




P1080665 finn3

Here’s the pattern in PDF:  BMT_Finn-6


But there’s also good news for non-norwegian speakers, many sites offer free patterns in English as well, such as the pattern I followed for the size: VIKING1404 – ENGLISH  You’ll find more on their website: Viking of Norway, catalogues. Click on a catalogue then scroll to the bottom, many (not all) will offer free PDF’s.


nr 10 from Viking 1404, I used Viking of Norway’s yarn Babyull, and I’m very pleased with it.

If any on my readers want me to look for a special name in the Koftegruppa database, I could do that 🙂



  1. Oh I am so envious of those sweaters (and your knitting skills!)

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