(Not so) Formal Painted Pants

I’m very excited to see street styles popping up with trousers with prints, lines or checks. Often happily matched with other prints. [One day in the metro in Brussels I noticed 80% of the people wore blue jeans with a black jacket. I was horrified at the uniformity, sadness, lack of individuality and creativity. This is one reason I try to stay away from black, the others being motherhood (can’t explain it) and a sick-looking complexion when wearing black. I had also overdosed in the past (professional hazard for architects and industrial designers]. I like prints but often find it difficult to find some I like. Most are too small in scale. Or too childish. Busy. Naff. Enter the Golden-Shrimp-Painted-Pants! It took a while to paint them all, luckily after a while it got meditative.


The gold-ochre is a bit tricky to combine, I still play it safe, though I’d like to match them with another print or colour. The fabric (it cost 1€) is a bit too fluid for this model, for formal trousers they look like pyjama’s if not pressed immediately before.




Another version, made from a dark blue wool with a pin-stripe. They’re far more wearable, even in front of brick-walls, but more boring than the shrimpy one, don’t you think?


Pattern Cat, from La Maison Victor. Alterations: no cuffs (too busy already), added belt-loops. In the golden pants I avoided the fake welt back-pocket and removed the belt-loops, the fabric couldn’t take it and kept pulling.



  1. They both look awesome! Good fit, too. OMG those shrimps are so cool! You painted them on perfectly!

    • Thank you so much! I was lucky with the fit, I’m not patient enough to spend long on adjusting. I’m very pleased the shrimps turned out OK, I actually matched them (across seams) which was hard, and not always successful. I’ll add some pix…

  2. How totally cool that you painted shrimps. They look great and what a way to individualize.

  3. Both pairs look great!

  4. The painted shrimp pants are exquisite. I’m truly inspired. So glad you shared this.

  5. Those are glorious. I like that you went for a surprising colour combination!

  6. Both pants are great but the shrimp pair is truly unique. Great job!

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