Potato print shorts

Finding pretty prints is hard, or am I difficult? Most shops abound with cute childish prints, granny paisleys and harsh modern geometric shapes. And then we haven’t even gotten to colours and size of said prints. So I’ve started making my own, hand-painting mostly (shorts, dress, bag, skirt). But for quick and simple holiday shorts – enter the potato!


I used the potato for the blue and lavender blobs, and the eraser part of a pencil for the silver dots.


I know, I know, I usually cringe when I have to pose. I hate it. Especially when humans take the picture. I’m trying to take advice from this skilled, fun and adventurous blogger, Madame Tifaine, and went outside and tried to have fun. It’s a start!


Pattern from Knipmode 06-2016.




  1. Did you cut the fabric and then print it? It looks like it from the pics. I wouldn’t have thought of that but I guess it gives better results 🙂

    • I did, purely to save time. It also allows me to strategically place/avoid the pattern in areas like the crotch. But my target is to make a larger piece of clothing, and first print it, as I guess one is supposed to? And hopefully to go big, bold and wild!

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